4 Tips for Creating the Perfect Holiday Thank You Card

 In Plantable Seed Paper



In the holiday season, it’s important to acknowledge your gratitude for others’ generosity. But bland thank-you notes full of empty niceties don’t fulfill any etiquette purposes. This holiday season, follow these four tips for sending the perfect sentiment of your joy and gratefulness.


1. Track Gift Openings

An essential step in creating thank-you cards is noting who gave what gift to whom. As you and your family open presents, keep a notepad nearby to write the information down. Or, for a fun memento, film the paper-tearing scene.

You can use this footage and a GIF creator app to send an entertaining thank-you email. At the same time, an especially funny reaction or the perfect capture of a joy-filled surprise face makes an excellent video post to the gifter’s social media account. Whether for sending or not, a video ensures everyone receives the right thank-you card.

2.  Make a Narrative

“Gee, thanks!” just doesn’t cut it. An effective thank-you card answers questions and gives a descriptive narrative of your sentiments. A few questions to answer or points to mention include:

  • Naming the gift specifically
  • Pointing out why or how the gift was suited to you or helpful to you
  • Explaining what you like about the gift
  • Listing what you plan to do with the gift
  • Expressing how you felt upon opening the gift
  • Noting how the gift reminds you of the giver or how it made you feel about the giver

If sending a thank-you note from a child, get them involved. Help kids create a drawing, flip-book, or small storybook to include with the card.

3. Get a Gift; Give a Gift

It doesn’t mean spending more, necessarily, but returning a small token of thanks adds a personal touch to any standard thank-you. You could put a picture of the recipient using the gift in the card or in a frame for the gift giver. Another cool idea that even the most basic technology user could handle, upload your video and/or pictures onto a USB memory stick that you include with your thank-you card.

Another innovative new concept, seed paper cards perpetually continue the cycle of giving. A card received in winter will sprout a grateful garden in spring. The cards are ingrained for growth, as each is made with water and soy-based inks and has annual and perennial wildflower seeds embedded within the all-natural paper. Beautiful designs inspired by nature allude to the traditional thank-you card, but this one won’t simply get tossed into a drawer.

4. Seal It With a Bow

create-the-perfect-holiday-thank-you-cardImage via Flickr by ericka g.

To finish the gift-for-a-gift theme, pay attention to final presentation. If you’re inclined toward arts and crafts, use ribbons, marker, or even wrapping paper to make the envelope a box with a bow. Still, if including a small gift with your card, consider sending them together wrapped in a small gift box or mini gift bag (like the ones used for gift cards).

Show your family and friends that you appreciate their thoughtful gifts with these tips for personalizing holiday thank-you cards. They’re sure to shine on the mantle long after the holidays.


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