5 Creative Ways to Go Green This Earth Day

Our planet is the only one we have, but we don’t always take care of it. It’s easy to think that one person is only a drop in the bucket, but that simply isn’t true. On average, one person in the U.S. uses more than 700 pounds of paper per year. Earth Day is a reminder to evaluate how we can better care for our home. Consider putting a couple of items on this list into action for your Earth Day celebration, and encourage your friends and family to participate, as well.

1. Start a Compost Pile

Select a spot in your yard to use as a compost pile. Collect all the compostable scraps around your home and deposit them in the designated area. Over time, your scraps will turn into soil, and then you can start a garden in that space. Additional compost scraps will keep the soil fertilized. Make sure to keep the area moist and to turn your compost every week with a shovel.

2. Contribute to the #Trashtag Challenge

Reddit users created the #Trashtag in response to viral social media challenges, and it soon became its own success. The challenge is to find an area littered with garbage and take a picture of it. Then, clean up the area and take a picture of yourself with the filled trash bags and the newly cleaned environment. This is a great way to encourage the younger generation to take part in cleaning up their surroundings.

3. Go Paperless

This seems like a simple enough task, but so many things can slip through the cracks. You can send all those bills you’ve been getting in the mail for years to your email instead. Most businesses will also email your receipts nowadays, and you can find reusable grocery bags in most supermarkets.

4. Throw a Go Green Party

Why not throw a party to celebrate eco-friendliness? You can send biodegradable invitations, which guests can use later to plant wildflowers. At the event, you could paint birdhouses together to attract wildlife, or you could tackle the aforementioned #Trashtag challenge.

5. Wash Your Laundry with Cold Water

Using cold water saves a significant amount of energy, so consider washing your clothes with cold water whenever possible. This is not just economically efficient— it will also help maintain the vibrancy of your clothes.

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