5 of the Greenest Companies Consumers Should Know

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Over time, shoppers began to gravitate more toward companies that do good for our communities and our planet. For these businesses, it’s become an expectation to conserve resources and give back to the environment. We want to highlight five of the greenest companies from a wide range of industries; so, as a consumer, you can make informed shopping decisions moving forward.


Our company is determined to solve environmental and social issues, while also creating Earth-friendly products. We’re always working to improve standards, so our business can aid the environment and society as a whole.

As the masterminds behind biodegradable seed cards and gifts, we help people grow beautiful plants from recycled paper. We also ensure that all seeds are non-GMO and that our products come in corn-based packaging.

ECOS Paints

ECOS is committed to making products that don’t contain chemicals and are odor-free—hopefully reducing reactions from people who are sensitive to powerful chemicals. Consumers can have total peace of mind thanks to the detailed ingredient lists included with each purchase.

One of their most popular health-focused products is their non-toxic paint. Since the paint eliminates VOCs, your home’s air quality sees immediate improvement. Plus, it doesn’t have a significant impact on the environment.

LUSH Cosmetics

LUSH cosmetic products contain ingredients that have very little impact on the Earth. They also strive to use as little packaging as possible; they’ve created package-free products, such as massage bars, solid shower gels, and shampoo bars.

LUSH is always eager to continue improving its eco-friendly practices. For example, one of their most beloved initiatives is rewarding customers for bringing in their recyclable pots and packaging; these customers are then given a free face mask.


When it comes to sustainable clothing, Patagonia sets high standards—after all, their mission is to save the planet. This popular company makes apparel from natural and recycled materials; they ensure that the materials they use are not only good for the consumer, but the environment as well.

Aside from their products, Patagonia continues to follow through on their mission to help save the planet with their marketing initiatives, the worn wear program, their excellent labor policies, and their advocacy for animal welfare. They’re very transparent in the ways they’re minimizing their footprint and guide customers on how they can do the same.

Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation produces cleaning products that are made from plant-based materials. Since they carefully choose the ingredients in their detergents and household cleaners, customers can rest assured that they don’t contain any harmful chemicals. Plus, Seventh Generation’s packaging is made from recycled materials—just one more way they’re following through on their promise to help make the world a better place for the next seven generations.

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