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Looking back on your wedding day is so much fun! I love going back to look at the pictures, the guests having fun, and the magical day that it was. If you are anything like my husband, you may not know that there are specific themes for each anniversary year! So this blog is for you. There are endless options for gifts, so let me share some idea’s I’ve had that fall under specific year themes.

  1. Paper. What could be more perfect than a plantable card!? Do you ever wonder how long you are suppose to keep a card after someone gives one to you; how long do you keep it on the fridge, when is it acceptable to throw it away? Well, express your love with a handwritten message inside and then plant the card to remember forever. Watch wildflowers for years to come and grow along with your marriage.card
  2. Cotton. Somehow pillows have taken over our couch, but I love new pillow designs and unique ones. I came across this website where you can upload an image and make your own. Send them your wedding invite or your honeymoon flight ticket and they make a pillow out of it! pillow
  3. Leather.
  4. Linen/Silk. Aimee Weaker Designs created a linen canvas with your sound waves of saying “I do”. How romantic is that? Upload the audio and she paints the sound waves with his and her names for each one. You can even have it saying “I love you”.i-do-waves
  5. Wood.
  6. Iron.
  7. Copper. Etsy has a variety of personalized copper cards. It is durable and sweet enough to store in your wallet to see everyday. copper
  8. Bronze.
  9. Pottery. Take a pottery class together! Take a break from the routine dates you do every week, and take a step out of your comfort zone with a creative pottery class. Who cares how it looks, it’s quality time together and a fun memory.
  10.  Tin or Aluminum.

And many many more years to come! Happy anniversary to you and cheers for all the future ones you will celebrate.

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