More Ways to go Green!

Every day I come into work and find more reasons to use seed paper. I love how creative people get in wanting to turn traditions, occasions, and everyday into a sustainable process. At Bloomin we have been getting a lot of questions and requests for our Yarmulkes for the Jewish tradition of Bar and Bat… Continue reading More Ways to go Green!

2017 Trade Show

Hello 2017. It has been a very busy year so far. Most of January and into February we were at Trade Shows to display our products. Distributors come from all over the US and even around the world to preview products, see what is new, and discuss projects they are working on. We got to… Continue reading 2017 Trade Show

4 Tips for Creating the Perfect Holiday Thank You Card

  In the holiday season, it’s important to acknowledge your gratitude for others’ generosity. But bland thank-you notes full of empty niceties don’t fulfill any etiquette purposes. This holiday season, follow these four tips for sending the perfect sentiment of your joy and gratefulness.   1. Track Gift Openings An essential step in creating thank-you cards… Continue reading 4 Tips for Creating the Perfect Holiday Thank You Card

Let’s Get Wild: Bloomin Flower Power Cards

Saying “Happy Birthday” and “Thank You” in style is not only desirable, but necessary. Nowadays, people are crafting award winning greeting cards with ribbon and glue, but not everyone has time for those (well appreciated) shenanigans. Don’t be discouraged by your inability or lack of time to craft a card for everyone’s birthday… that’s where… Continue reading Let’s Get Wild: Bloomin Flower Power Cards