Bringing Daily Calm: 7 Ways to Make Your Day More Zen

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The new year tends to be quite stressful for people. We’re all busy trying to accomplish our resolutions and make positive changes in our life. If you find that the new year is too much, think about the different ways to make your day more Zen. Simply put, try to think of ways to slow yourself down—the hustle and bustle of the new year can add more stress and keep you from accomplishing goals. When you work on slowing it down and experiencing life for all the glory it gives you, you’ll find meeting and exceeding goals easier. Take a look below at our favorite ways to help you slow it down and live more of that Zen lifestyle—breathe deep and read on!

Utilize Aromatherapy

There are tons of benefits to essential oils, from relieving headaches to encouraging a positive mood in your day-to-day. From diffusers to rollerballs, these oils can help you focus on deep breathing and slowing down. The next time you’re feeling a bit off, try your favorite scent out—a few deep breaths can help center you.

Try a Meditative Activity

This tip can vary depending on your interests. Crafting is a great example. Knitting, crocheting, painting, cross-stitching, scrapbooking with your favorite seed paper—all of these have meditative movements that help bring a rhythm and a calm to your life. When you incorporate these activities into your daily routine, your body will get used to these calm moments and strive to have them more often.

Practice Mindfulness

In that same sense, try to practice mindfulness as much as you can. Saving ten minutes a day to meditate is quite simple and awards immense benefits. The sooner you practice getting your mind to a place of repose, the sooner you can get to that peace in stressful situations. Mindfulness is a key Zen practice principle. There are plenty of apps that can help you begin, such as Calm and Headspace!

Prepare in Advance

We’ve all had that moment in the morning when we rush down the stairs and have to rush to get everything all together. That stress is easily solved when you prepare in advance. Sure, there will be times where unexpected things come up, but those will be easier to handle when you have everything else in order.

Start Using Mantras

To reiterate a point from above, a Zen day means slowing down. Mantras can help you do just that. Repeating a mantra during stress or times of overwhelm and anxiety is essential to creating a safe space for your mind. Mantras like “peace,” “all is well,” or “ram nam” (Gandhi’s mantra) are all good options, but choose one that works best for you.

Plan Nighttime Wind-Downs

Nighttime wind-downs are another crucial part of making your day more Zen. You may be tempted just to crash into bed after a long day, but it’s important to make time to wind-down. This can look different for everyone—a nice glass of wine by the fire, a bubble bath, 30 minutes of reading—but whatever it is, make sure you add it into your day. Afterward, be sure to end your night with gratitude.

Live Sustainably

Our final tip asks you to delve even deeper into your lifestyle. A key aspect of living Zen is living sustainably or living on less. The sooner you can make eco-friendly choices routine, the better—for the environment and for yourself. Recognize the sweet balance between life and nature and strive to find your place in between. A lovely place to begin is with sustainable choices.

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