DIY Seed Paper Craft Ideas for Any Occasion

Seed paper is the perfect addition to any party. Give your get-together a little extra flair, while also giving back to the environment. It’s easy to make your own, or you can save time and buy pre-made seed paper.

Transform these versatile sheets into cards, decorations, or party favors that your guests and the planet will love. Check out our favorite DIY seed paper craft ideas.


All you need to create these personalized cards is seed paper, card stock, and scissors. Start by deciding which seed paper shape you want to use. Consider using a heart for Valentine’s Day, a gingerbread man for Christmas, or use the shape of your loved one’s favorite animal. Once you’ve decided on a shape, cut your card stock into 4 X 5½ inches rectangles. Then, cut a horizontal slit in your card 2 inches below the top, and make an identical slit a ½ inch below the first. The slits should be wide enough so that your seed paper shape can easily slide between them. Once you’ve placed your seed paper between the slits it’s time to write a nice message. We recommend mentioning the type of seeds used and including directions for planting on the back.


This eco-friendly decoration will provide the perfect backdrop for photos at your next event. To make this backdrop you’ll need seed paper, thick string, glue, and scissors. First, measure how long you want your backdrop to be, and cut 5 to 7 strings of equal length. Next, either cut out your seed paper shapes or order them online. The number of shapes you need will depend on how many strings you decide to use and the length of your backdrop. Dab glue over the string and sandwich it between two of your seed paper shapes. Repeat this step, leaving about 6 inches between each segment until your strings are full. Hang your strings on the wall and enjoy taking pictures in front of your beautiful backdrop.

Party Favors

Send your guests home with a party favor they can enjoy long after the event ends. You’ll need a seed-starting tray, seed paper, scissors, dirt, sucker sticks, and tape. Start by cutting out individual cartons from the seed-starting tray and filling them with dirt. Then, cut small shapes out of your seed paper or order pre-made shapes online. Tape the shapes to the top half of your sucker sticks and place them in the dirt-filled cartons.

All the DIY seed paper craft ideas listed above are sure to brighten up any occasion, while also making the world a little greener!

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