Fathers Day Garden Gifts

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Fathers Day is coming up fast – are you ready? There is still time to shop and shop sustainable for your dad. Most people assume the dad is always in the garage building something or near the grill cooking something. This summer, let’s think of those dads who work in the yard and garden. Find some ideas below for the things your father will appreciate this summer as he works hard keeping the yard and garden beautiful.

1. Sustainable Water Bottle. It is so important to stay hydrated when working in the sun. These water bottles (and more) are sustainable and eco-friendly. They also keep your water (or something more strong) cold all day long. The EcoVessel company are our neighbors here in Boulder, CO so be sure to check them out!

2. Truck bed of flowers. I mean, how cool is this. The idea and image came from Empress of Dirt and shows so many other cool ideas to re-purpose “junk” into flower beds of beauty. Use old toy trucks, broken down bicycles, leaky watering cans, and so much more. I am bound to try some of these out this Summer.

3. DIY garden sign. Use left over wood, broken metal, or any other scraps to re-purpose. You can spray paint, draw, or customize any way you choose. Come up with clever sayings, maybe an inside joke between you are your dad. The more you personalize it the more cherished it will be.

4. Garden Gram Cards – Herb Pack.  Give a special card with a clever pun that he can plant in his garden. I never heard the acceptable time for when to throw away a card. Well don’t throw this one away; Plant it in your garden and remember the special moment as it sprouts to life.


Check out other ideas on our new Pinterest Board. If anybody finds a new way to re-purpose and recycle old items, be sure to share with the rest of us!!

Our thoughts and prayers are with those who are struggling to become a father, or who may have lost their father. May you feel peace on this difficult day.

Happy Fathers Day,




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