Five Eco-Friendly Resolutions for the New Year

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With the new year upon us, it’s a great time to get more green. Our environment is suffering more than ever from our constant draining of its resources, so now is the perfect time to change old ways and pick up some fresh, green, eco-friendly habits. We’ve compiled a list of five eco-friendly resolutions that can reduce your impact on the environment.

5 Eco-Friendly Resolutions

  1. Bring Your Own Shopping Bags

You’ve been hearing about this one for years, and that’s because it’s such an important issue. Plastic bags are one of the most prevalent forms of litter; this year 5 trillion plastic bags will be consumed. They require 12 million barrels of oil to produce and take forever to degrade—why bring that type of harm to the world when we could just use reusable shopping bags? It can be hard to remember to bring along your cloth bags when you head to the store, but it’s something to consider focusing on in the new year. Let’s diminish the population of plastic bags, not sea turtles.

  1. Drive Less

It can be difficult, especially for commuters, but this eco-friendly resolution doesn’t have to cause a complete 180 from your current lifestyle. We’re just suggesting walking, biking, or taking public transportation when you’re able. Even biking for short, two-mile trips can both improve your health and reduce your carbon footprint significantly.

  1. Volunteer for Your Favorite Cause

Think about volunteering for a local tree planting agency or becoming a member of an environmental agency. Sierra Club is one of the oldest conservation organizations and fights for land and forest preservation. The more we focus on bringing awareness to our community, the greater the chances of improvements taking place.

  1. Use Eco-Friendly Cosmetics and Skincare

A lot of cosmetic and skin care brands that are popular use an abundance of chemicals that are quite harmful to your body and the environment. When you wash your body, those chemical-ridden products seep into the water system. This year, think about switching to green beauty and skincare alternatives.

  1. Use Your Own Water Bottle

Because they cause so much harm to the environment, plastic water bottles are best eliminated from your daily life. Bottling water produces millions of tons of carbon dioxide every year, and on top of that, it actually takes three liters of water to produce one liter of bottled water. There are glaringly obvious reasons why we shouldn’t use plastic water bottles. This year, purchase a reusable water bottle that fits your needs and help reduce plastic water bottle waste.

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