Halloween 2016

Halloween is almost here! I have some great memories of Halloween with my friends. We didn’t bring your average pumpkin basket, we brought pillow-cases and they were half full by the end of the night! After a month of eating candy I would be done and just give the rest to my older brother. There was one fateful night that my friends and I slept in the shed (don’t ask why) and my dad scared the living daylights out of us…we never slept in there again. There are so many fun aspects of Halloween; the pumpkin patch and pumpkin carving, apple cider and donuts, and costumes. I did some searching, and found some very cool costumes no matter what your trick-or-treating looks like this year.

  1. There are some absolutely adorable animal costumes! Either go with your pet, or dress them up for a party at home. There are endless possibilities.
    pikachu   scooby-doo   sick-dog
  2. Couple costumes can be very fun, classic, and cute.mary-poppins    classicjim-and-pam 
  3. Get everyone together and do an entire family costume.inside-out    incredibles 
  4. Going to a party with your girl or guy friends?tweedledum-tweedledee      the-guysYou can go all out and paint your face to become a super-hero; or go simple and throw on a t-shirt to turn into Jim and Pam. No matter what your style is, or who you spend the day with, there is an option for you!
    Don’t forget to decorate with hands, feet, growfetti and more.
    growfetti    foot     tooth
    Happy Halloween! Be safe and don’t eat too much candy.

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