How to use Seed Paper Shapes

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Seed Paper Shapes come in so many different designs and colors. But do you ever wonder what to do with them? I did a little research to see how everyone was using them and put together a list of the top 4 ways to use our seed paper shapes.

  • Gift décor. There are only 134 days left until the Holidays arrive! My sister-in-law wraps her presents with such beauty and perfection, they become a lovely decoration under the tree. The Snowman, Gingerbread Man, or Christmas Tree shapes would make a perfect gift tag to write your TO and FROM on. Added bonus – the tags are a gift themselves! Click HERE to be taken to our Holiday shapes for the perfect touch on your lovely wrapped gift.15430801794_3e4075cdba (1)
  • Baby shower favors. Baby showers are a celebration of life, love, and new adventures. What better way to represent that then handing out seed paper shapes to your guests? How cute would a little mustache be for a little boy, or a high heel for daddy’s little girl? Find the perfect shape to celebrate your little one by clicking HERE.

baby shower

  • Place cards. There are so many ways to incorporate seed paper into your wedding day. One simple way is to attach a small seed paper shape onto your place cards that guests can take home, plant, and be able to look back on a wonderful day as flowers grow. We have many heart shapes HERE to use for the perfect eco-friendly addition.

Place cards

  • Snail mail cards. I love getting mail that isn’t bills or junk. Sending an old school, snail mail card with a seed paper shape as a little gift is a wonderful way to make it special. You can attach Flowers, cute little Animals, represent your State, and SO many other options. It’s an easy way to bring a smile to somebody’s face and beauty to their home.

thank you

There are so many ways to use Seed Paper Shapes for so many occasions. What are some ways you have used them?


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