Let’s Get Wild: Bloomin Flower Power Cards

 In Plantable Seed Paper


Saying “Happy Birthday” and “Thank You” in style is not only desirable, but necessary. Nowadays, people are crafting award winning greeting cards with ribbon and glue, but not everyone has time for those (well appreciated) shenanigans. Don’t be discouraged by your inability or lack of time to craft a card for everyone’s birthday… that’s where Bloomin comes in to save the day! It’s one thing to have a handmade card, it’s another to be able to plant and grow that card.

Imagine your best friend admiring an assortment of charming wildflowers outside her bedroom window: you can practically hear her say, “Wow, best birthday card ever!” This is what we do at Bloomin, we promote everlasting friendships through unique 4.5×25” folded cards. Within this collection you will find birthday cards, thank you cards and blank cards for whatever your happy little heart has to share.

Each card is letterpressed on our premium seed stocked paper and is embellished with rich decorations. The love you put into each card with words is only magnified by the seeds embedded in the paper. Many seeds included in this paper are repeat annuals, so a card can become a gift that truly keeps giving. Plant, water, grow. It’s that simple.

You can find out Flower Power cards here. Looking to create your own seed paper cards or just interested to get the first-hand scoop on seed paper? Request a free sample pack! We love sharing the love and our paper.

Fill out our contact form, provide your name and mailing address and mention that you’re interesting in a sample pack and we’ll send them right to you?

Feeling crafty? Send us pictures of the things you create! We love to see and share the creativity of our customers!

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  • Debbie Hatfield

    I am interested in your sample pack!

    • Breeze

      Hi Debbie,
      I would be happy to send you samples. Please email me at flowers@bloomin.com so I can get your personal information. Thank you.

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