Memorial Day

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As I am sure we all know, Memorial Day is a holiday that honors those that died while serving to protect the USA. The holiday started in 1868 originally called The Decoration Day to decorate the graves of those that died in the Civil War. The date of the holiday was May 30th because they believed flowers would be ready to bloom all over the country. The official birthplace was announced in 1966 in Waterloo, NY  by President Lyndon Johnson. It wasn’t until after WW1 that it was issued to honor all those that have served and died in American wars. And in 1971 Congress declared it a national holiday to be observed. That is when it was placed on the last Monday of May.

So many men and women bravely serve our country and deserve all the thanks there is to offer. Those that serve and died giving their life for our freedom have earned the utmost respect. The family members that had a mom/dad, brother/sister, husband/wife, child, or friend die in service also deserve our appreciation. I cannot speak from experience and therefore cannot pretend to know what it is like to experience the loss of someone at war. However, it is because of their sacrifice, bravery, and patriotism that I live in a nation like the United States of America. Politics aside – this is a great country and I am thankful to be so blessed.

Continue the holiday tradition and plant flowers around the grave of a loved one that served. Send a thank you card to the family or loved ones that lost someone. Let flowers bloom in honor and memory of those that died serving America the great. With annual and perennial wildflowers that bloom year after year, their memory will live on.


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