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So today our lovely Brijanna from Bloomin’s art department is moving! Moving is always so exciting and I love setting up my home and decorating. But sometimes the preparation and packing can be so stressful to get everything together and make sure zero damage comes to your precious belongings. Well, speaking from experience (my husband and I have moved thirteen times collectively since we’ve been together) I want to point out the most important things I learned and the things that saved me in my moving experience for each room of the house. Hopefully it can help you as well!

  1. Bedroom: The first couple times I moved I spent almost a day untangling my necklaces, bracelets, and earrings from one-another. There were times I even gave up and threw some un-important ones away. Don’t do what I did and just throw them in a bag! This trick is brilliant! It’s tedious to put all of your necklaces through the hole of a straw, but trust me, it’s less time than trying to pull them all apart. necklaceI haven’t tried keeping my clothes on the hangers and putting a bag over them and tying them together, but it seems like it would work well.clothes
  2. Kitchen: After we got married we got all new kitchenware so I was terrified our new plates, bowls, glasses, etc would break. This is where you use the new towels to your advantage. I took wash rags, hand towels, and hot pads to stick in-between each plate and bowl and stacked them as normal. With your silverware, leave them be and wrap them up tight. Same with knives.silverwareknives
  3. Living Room/Diving Room: I’ll be honest here. If you know some tricks for packing large items efficiently into a truck please share! When we moved most recently we didn’t bring most of our tables and we left behind the couch. I did learn to put books, dvd’s, and other heavy items into a suitcase instead of a box. Then you can roll it and not break your dads back!
  4. Important Items: The most frustrating thing about moving is that while you are packing and getting things taped, you still have a life to live! I can’t tell you how many times I re-opened a box because I forgot I needed that one t-shirt, or that cutting knife was for dinner. So during the last week of packing I left out what I know I’d need for the next few days, and the things I would need right away after moving…like more clothes and my toothbrush! The night before the move I packed up all the last minute needed items into a box (or more than one) and put blue tape on it so I would immediately know what to unpack first! It saved my sanity.

And of course I can’t go a whole post without mentioning seed paper. What is more exciting than throwing a house party!! How cute would it be to include a little seed paper house with your invite!? Then people can plant them in their own home, and you can plant yours, and turn your house into a beautiful home.


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