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Garden Grams Seed Paper Greeting Cards – Veggie Seeds – 3 Pack


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The Garden Gram VEGGIE 3-pack. 3 greeting cards that grow veggies! Card 1: Grows tomatoes, Greeting: Happy birthday, let’s make like tomatoes and get sauced! Card 2: Grows Carrots. Greeting: It’s your birthday. Can you dig it!? Card 3: Grows Lettuce Greeting: It’s your birthday. Lettuce celebrate! They are all plantable seed-embedded cards that are super easy to plant and grow. Garden-Grams are an innovative form of expression, beautifully designed and letterpress printed. The perfect little card for anyone that likes to get their hands dirty! Our cards are seed embedded, each with a fun, quirky greeting corresponding to the seed type with a brightly colored envelope for mailing.

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