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Music is such a powerful tool. It can create an influential moment and can change the mood. Have you ever watched a movie scene muted and then watched it again with sound? It becomes so much more meaningful. Sometimes you can even predict what’s going to happen in a scene based on the music that starts to play. A certain song can take you back to a specific memory, some say music is a type of therapy, and for others it is spiritual.


According to SoundScan, 50 million CD’s were sold in 2016 SO FAR.  “It takes one pound of plastic to make 30 CD’s and 300 cubic feet of natural gas, two cups of crude oil, and 24 gallons of water for one pound of plastic” says returning artist Katherine Homes. With the ability and technology we have now with streaming, downloads, and portable MP3 players, why waste all that? It no longer makes sense to create a plastic CD.313252882_1abebb5f29

Katherine Homes has a very cool story for the new album she just released.  “…In order to keep plastic out of the landfill- and to eliminate the resources and energy it takes to recycle a CD- I wanted to create something more environmentally friendly. I grabbed my web developer friend, Karan Gill, and seed paper experts, [Don Martin from] Bloomin, to turn my idea into a tangible product. In July of 2016 the first SeedCD™ was created.”


A SeedCD™ is basically a square (or round) handmade recycled paper. Bloomin uses non-GMO seeds and the ink is water soluble and environmentally safe. As you can see, the front and back of the seed paper (SeedCD™) shows all the information a plastic CD would. However, this CD is environmentally friendly, green, and beautifies the earth!

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“It will be a great day when the exchange between an artist and their fans isn’t cash for music and plastic; it’s cash for music and seeds.”

Let’s help this catch on!! Buy a CD that doesn’t grow a landfill but grows into wildflowers!

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