TEDx Boulder

Last week Bloomin staff had a cool opportunity to attend the Boulder TEDx talk. It was in the gorgeous Macky Concert Hall on a perfect fall evening. There were thirteen inspiring speakers, two talented bands, and a farmers market dinner for intermission. Here are my highlights of the event.

  1. Ash Beckham opened the evening and continued to co-host the night. She has been featured on the formal Ted.com talks and is known for her originality. As she puts it; “Her message is simple, ‘we aren’t that different’. Her approach is frank, ‘mean what you say.’ And her goal is humble, ‘help others recognize the power of empathy, respect and conversation.'” Find more information on Ash on her personal website.ash-beckham
  2. The producers of TEDx Boulder took a different approach with this next speaker, Michael Allen Nesmith. As you can see from the picture below, he is deaf and signed his talk as an interpreter spoke for the crowd. He is a virtual designer for Amazon and told us how his role is to help all products be marketable to all people – no matter their disability. Michael was so inspiring, and you can read more about his story HERE.29241712013_efb08459ee_o
  3. One of the bands that played was the Banshee Tree. The Denver Westword Magazine says they are a “gypsy jazz, folk pop, and swing” mixture of music. I found myself leaning forward falling in love with their music. Be sure to check them out!!banshee-tree
  4. Star Simpson is one woman we should all thank someday. She shared a hilarious story of one late night when she was hungry for a taco, but no one delivered. So she invented the “TacoCopter” – the first delivery drone. She was witty, smart, and is extremely inventive. Check out all her crazy cool inventions HERE.star

I left that evening with my mind turning and a sense of respect for all those that shared their story. Mara Abbott spoke on her thrilling experience competing in the 2016 Rio Olympics, a brave soul spoke on sexuality, another women spoke on the hoarding disorder and showing them understanding and love. At the end we got the brand new book from the speaker and artist Leah Pearlman. I immediately read it that night.

Be sure to check out the video’s on TEDx Boulder’s website and become inspired!

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