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Being a “hobbyist” can mean many things. There are an endless number of hobbies in the world, and anything can be a hobby. Some hobbies do require some tools though. People that build models, race R/C cars, scrap book, paint figurines, and do other hands-on activities need a set of basic tools. Some tools may not fit for your specific hobby, so add that to the list and create a unique tool collection tailored to your interest.

Hot Glue Gun

A hot glue gun is good for connecting all kinds of different materials. Wood, plastic, paper, or whatever else you have; the glue is strong enough to make a strong bond between many materials. You can use glue guns to make Christmas ornaments and embellishments in scrapbooks.


It’s just awful that we only have two hands. Having a variety of clamps will turn two hands into three at least, and maybe more if you need them. Clamps help hold your project together, or in one place, while you work on it.

Rotary Tool

A rotary tool provides a very versatile tool that hobbyists can use. Rotary tools come with many different attachments that make it useful in multiple situations. Rotary tools come air powered or electric powered, and depending on what you need it for, one is better than the other. Research the difference between the two, and decide which is best for you.

Assorted Hand Tools

A good variety of hand tools are requisite for all hobbyists, but you’ll probably want smaller ones. You will need a hammer, screwdrivers, a drill, and a saw. You may already have these in your home. If not, most major retailers carry starter tool boxes.

An Old Toothbrush

This should hopefully be easy to secure. A toothbrush offers the perfect sized brush to clean gunk off projects. The short, stiff bristles are strong enough to get rid of the mess, but they’re soft enough to use on delicate pieces you want to avoid breaking.


Tupperware is worth its weight in gold. Any hobbyist will tell you that, after a while, you start to accumulate stuff. Excess materials you didn’t use but don’t want to throw away need a home. Put that stuff and your tools in Tupperware so that it can’t clutter the workspace.

Utility Knife

Every hobbyist must have a utility knife. A sharp blade is always good to have around. Razor blades can more effectively cut paper, foam core, cardboard, and most other materials you’ll use. The knife also makes a cleaner and straighter cut.

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