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Last week we had an inquiry about our enclosure cards for an adorable little dog that passed away from a rescue home. (Stay tuned to hear about the sweet surprise this rescue did.) It brought tears to my eyes as I read this little guy’s story and I went home that night and gave extra love to my rescue dog. So I decided to share the love and give you an inside look at the Bloomin employee’s and their 4-legged family members at home.

Here at Bloomin, we have a soft spot for animals. So I asked the staff to send me some pictures of their loved ones to show our support for all those lucky ones that have found a loving home.

The first one I have to mention is Olive:

Patricks-olive and cat

Olive (the dog) greets every employee that comes to work every day. His owner is Patrick and he is our Assembly manager. He makes sure that your seed paper product is properly put together and assembled just for you. He also works at making sure your Amazon order gets taken care of!  Olive comes to work with Patrick every day since day 1 and just loves on our staff.

One of rock-star assembler’s Evie has an adorable pooch named Roxy:

Evie's pooch RoxyAs you can see from the picture, Roxy loves going on hikes with Evie and climbing on the rocks. She has an independent spirit that loves to explore off the trail. One of her favorite things to do is run alongside Evie as she rides her bike.

Another very dedicated Bloomin assembler is Kathy.


Kathy has a brave cat who doesn’t back down just because she has one eye. She is a rescue and as a kitten, she had an accident that caused her to lose one of her eyes, but it doesn’t even phase her.

Our one and only sweet Allyson is a champ in our assembly department.

Allyson - Dega & TalliI have yet to meet her dogs, but by the looks of it, they seem like so much fun! On the left is Dega, and the darker one is Talli. They are both Australian Shepherds who LOVE the snow.

In our art department, Kevin designs our catalogs and your artwork when you send in your custom work (stay tuned for the new Holiday 2016 collection!) Kevin and his fiancé Stephanie have two adorable dogs Aries, and Lilly.

kevin familykevin shades

Aries loves to rock the shades.


Brijanna, the other fantastic Bloomin artist. She also turns your custom designs into a wonderful finished product. She has two sweet little cats.


The dark one is Guinevere who is 14 years old. She is the shy and timid one as you can see from this cute picture she’s hiding in. The white-haired one is Luna who is six years old and is quite the opposite. She loves to explore and friendly to everybody – she’ll purr even if you look at her.

Breeze, who is the sales and marketing coordinator, (me) has a very adventurous puppy.


This is Lucy with my husband in one of her favorite places. Lucy is rescued from Colorado Canine Rescue. We take her for a swim/hike every weekend. She gets so wound up and excited to swim in the creeks, ponds, and lakes all around Colorado. She’s been the best dog to explore with as we just moved here from Illinois.

Dave, who is our super awesome printer, makes your designs come to life on the seed paper.

Dave's cat-Fifi

He has a fourteen-year-old cat, Fifi. She loves to chew on the shells of shrimp after they’re done eating them for dinner. She also loves being outside in the warm summer weather, and she’s even happier when they are all together.

Stacey is the main go-to girl to process your orders and make sure all our customers are more than satisfied!

Magic-staceyNorma Belle-staceyKingsley-stacey

She has three precious cats. The first one is Magic who is a rescue from Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue. He is loving, cuddly, and charming who struggles with a chronic kidney disease. Norma Belle is from Longmont Humane Society and just brings a smile by being her sweet self. And Kingsley, who is from the Humane Society of Boulder Valley and passed away in 2015 has left a lasting impression on Stacey. She does many things that honor his life.

Don, one of the owners of Bloomin has a sweet pooch at home as well.

don's wife-Jayme

This picture speaks of why we all love dogs. His wife Jayme is getting loved on by Roxy (yes, another Roxy). She brings such joy to their house and who doesn’t love coming home to a tail wagging with pure excitement.

Everyday dogs come to work with their owners. We even had a customer visit with his dog yesterday! Here they are all playing together:

all dgos

It’s such a fun way to work with the happier-than-life furry friends. Where would we be without our pets!?


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