Winter outside – Spring inside

Winter is fast approaching here in Boulder, Colorado. We finally had the first snow of the season but it didn’t last long. This doesn’t mean you can’t create a beautiful spring atmosphere indoors with bloomin flowers. I must admit -I have had very few indoor plants in my life, but I am a huge fan with the beauty and color they bring. So let’s learn together the best way to plant flowers indoors and keep them thriving until spring is here.


  1. H2O. Make sure the water you use is room temperature – too hot or too cold can cause damage to your plant. There is no perfect science to watering plants/flowers, but they must not be over watered or under watered. Here are some signs to look out for:
    • If mold starts to form on the surface of the soil or there’s standing water at the bottom of the container, you’ve over watered your plant.
    • Water your plant if the soil becomes lighter in color or cracked.
  2. Catch those rays. The sun does still shine bright in the winter even though you aren’t catching any rays. Make sure your plant catches some to keep it alive and well.
  3. Stop in the name of love. Don’t move your plants around a lot. Once plants acclimate themselves to their surroundings, it is difficult for them to get used to a new environment and a new surrounding. It is best that you don’t move them around a lot.

It is that simple folks. So just because the snow might be falling where you are, or even hail, or maybe you are a lucky one with sunshine all year round; this does not mean that your gardening, plant giving, and Bloomin products must stop. You can find even more information on our FAQ page HERE.


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