Seed Paper Sheets & Shapes

seed paper shapes

Bloomin is the original seed paper manufacturer and the first choice of savvy consumers for Seed Paper Sheets and Shapes. If you are looking for the highest quality handmade paper that really does grow, get Bloomin. All of our seeds are non-GMO and sourced in the USA. It is all handmade right here in Boulder, CO for that original look and texture. We have 22 different Original seed paper colors. Our Premium, Signature, and Economy come in white to fit your printing specifications. Please click on the specific paper type to read details and printing compatibility. We stock these several grades of seed paper in large quantities for fast turn times. What you say grows!

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Seed Paper Sheets & Shapes


The seed paper shapes are die cut specifically for you. Choose the shape and color to make it your own. Bulk pricing will automatically discount your cart when applicable. We have so many shapes to choose from to find the right one for your occasion or event.

All the 22 seed paper colors come stock in our annual and perennial wildflower mix. The wildflower mix includes a variety of seeds helping it grow well in all regions and climates. In the down-menu when you go to choose your color, you’ll notice we also offer herbs and vegetables to plant! The herb mix includes Basil, Parsley, and Chives. Also, choose Lettuce or Carrots in our stock colors for fast turn.

Be sure to tell your friends the planting instructions for best results. Soak the seed paper in water overnight (or 8 hours), plant under a thin layer of soil. Place in an area that will get direct sunlight and be sure to water daily. Sprouts will appear in 2-3 weeks.

Happy Gardening!!

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Whether used for wedding invitations, greeting cards, social stationery, or promotions, our all-natural seed paper makes its most meaningful impact when planted—the garden it grows can be enjoyed year after year, adding a little more beauty to our world.