Top Spring Renovation Projects for Your Home

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Spring is starting to kick into high gear, so now is the perfect time to begin preparing your home for warmer weather and days spent in the sun. After a long winter spent cooped up indoors, your home will likely be in need of a little TLC. Once you’ve completed the basic spring cleaning tasks, you can set your sights a little higher and tackle more intensive home renovations. This guide to three of the top spring renovation projects for your home will help you start the season off on the right foot.

Revamp your outdoor spaces

As the weather warms up, your family will likely want to spend more time enjoying the great outdoors. As such, one of the top spring renovation projects for your home is to spend some time revamping your outdoor spaces. Start by giving your deck or patio space a thorough cleaning. Power wash the patio and stain or weatherproof the deck to help restore the space. With everything looking spick and span, you can then set your sights on designing an outdoor space that your whole family will enjoy.

When renovating your deck or patio, carefully consider the space’s functionality. If your family loves to host backyard barbecues and bonfires, be sure to outfit the space with enough seating options for all your family and friends. If you’d prefer to create a backyard oasis, consider embracing the beauty of nature and installing a relaxing pond or water feature instead.

Set your garden up for success

As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. Prepare your garden for both showers and flowers as soon as possible—this will ensure a flourishing bounty by the end of spring. Start by weeding your garden and removing any dead plants or twigs from the previous season. Edge around your gardens and consider building a barrier to protect against garden pests. Once you’ve created a clean slate for your garden, the fun can truly begin.

Roll up your sleeves and prepare to put your green thumb to the test as you plant the garden of your dreams. Once the larger plants and flowers have been settled, place several sheets of seed paper throughout the garden. This will fill up some of the empty space and will help you achieve a lusher garden.

Clear out the garage

The garage is a regularly overlooked area in many homes. It’s for this reason that the garage is one of the top spring renovation projects for your home. As the weather warms up, you’ll access the tools and equipment in your garage much more frequently. Renovating your garage and creating a reliable organization system will put all your most used tools within reach.

Start by removing all items from the garage and giving it a thorough cleaning. Install several shelving units throughout the space and organize tools and equipment according to season. Not only will this make things easier to find, but it will also help streamline the processes for any upcoming spring landscaping projects.

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