Ways to Celebrate Your First Wedding Anniversary

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The first year of marriage is a time of love, laughter, joy, and growth. Your first wedding anniversary signifies an important milestone in your married life and deserves to be celebrated. While a romantic night in is a great way to spend time with your spouse, a wedding anniversary deserves a bit more pizzazz. Make romance a top priority and ring in your first year of marriage in style with these great ways to celebrate your first wedding anniversary.

Revisit wedding day memories

A wedding day is one of the most special days in a person’s life. However, they often tend to fly by in a flurry of fun and festivities. Your first wedding anniversary, therefore, is a great time to revisit your most cherished moments from your big day. Bring out a memory box of preserved wedding mementos and look back on your first moments as a married couple together. This is the perfect way to celebrate your first wedding anniversary if you and your spouse prefer a quiet night at home. Pop a bottle of wine from your wedding and use the toasting flutes to commemorate your first year of marriage. You can also watch your wedding video or look through your wedding pictures whilst sharing a slice of cake from your wedding day.

Plant a love garden

This anniversary will be the first of many, so what better way to celebrate than by planting a love garden? This garden can be as big or a little as you’d like and can include an array of fabulous foliage. Planting a love garden on your first wedding anniversary will serve as a testament to the way your love has grown throughout your first year of marriage. With each subsequent anniversary, you can see how much your garden has grown and how you and your spouse’s love has flourished. You may also consider adding a new plant to the garden with each passing year. As the years pass, you can look upon your garden with fondness and recall the special moments you and your spouse have shared together.

Recreate your first date

Sometimes, the best way to celebrate your first year of marriage is to look back on the day that started it all. Recreating your first date is a very thoughtful way to look back on just how far you and your spouse have come. This idea can be especially fun if it’s treated as a surprise. Tell your spouse that you’re taking them out for a special anniversary dinner and surprise them with a trip to the location of your very first date. Reminisce over the first date jitters and share stories of your favorite moments together as a couple. The warm and nostalgic glow cast over the evening will create a cozy atmosphere for your first anniversary as a married couple.

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