How To Start a Floral Business

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If you’ve got a green thumb and want to capitalize off your expert flower arrangements, opening a floral shop could be the right move. That may sound daunting at first glance, but there are many different opportunities to start and grow no matter where you are in life. If you’re interested in learning more, read on for tips on how to start a floral business.

Have a Passion

Any small business is going to have its ups and downs at the beginning. It’s essential when you find yourself head-on with those struggles that you know why you’re doing it in the first place. While it’s not necessary, having a love for what you’re doing will help continue to drive you past the early hurdles. It helps if you’ve had experience either in the floral industry or as a hobby before. The more talent and experience you have, the better it will be.

What Is Your Initial Investment?

A lot of the initial planning will be dependent on how much time and money you can invest at the start.  While it can be good to have seed money available, a physical location to rent, and supplies ready to go, it’s also feasible to begin as a side hustle out of your own home. When thinking about how to start a floral business, it’s beneficial to have a budget for both money and time so you know what limitations you’ll have to work around.

Consider Your Inventory Needs

Once you have a budget, you can begin to gather the supplies you’ll need to carry out your vision. Many of these items will be self-explanatory, such as ribbons, scissors, clippers, and a source for flowers. You may also need to account for expenses such as a refrigerated truck that can handle your cooling demands, all of which will depend on your current capacity.

Get Your Name Out There

If you haven’t the faintest idea of obtaining clients, offering your services to friends and family can be a good start. If someone has a birthday or baby shower coming up, that’s an excellent opportunity to show your skills and get word of mouth going.  Once you’ve created a portfolio and begin to market yourself, you might consider creating a website, making some flowery business cards, and posting your arrangements on social media like Instagram.

Once you’ve begun to establish a clientele, you’ll be able to build on your experience and help your floral business continue to grow.

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