Outside the Box Holiday Gift Ideas

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While most people would be happy with basic holiday present ideas, such as clothing or video games, any hobbyist knows the holidays are the best time for getting something for their passion project. If you want to impress the hobbyist in your life, consider these outside the box holiday gift ideas.

Kitchen Accessories

Give a heartwarming gift to any cook or baker in your life with new kitchen accessories. It doesn’t matter if you purchase something new or something based on what they already have—your generosity speaks for itself. If you want to splurge on a big giveaway, go for a new stand mixer or high-powered blender. While these might be more expensive, they will be greatly appreciated. Another option is to give an upgraded version of a typical kitchen tool. Go for higher-quality measuring spoons or utensils, since these are commonly used and will last a long time.

Natural Soaps and Bathroom Products

Natural health products are great for those shying away from common chemical-based toiletries. Natural deodorants, soaps, shampoos and conditioners, and face washes all make for a great bathroom kit. This will show your loved ones you support their new lifestyle.

Arts and Crafts Kits

These are staples for DIYers or anyone who likes handiwork. Knitting, sewing, and model-building are all great crafts for hobbyists. These keep people busy and engaged with creating something they can use. You can also gift artists paint sets, sketch pads, new pencils and pens, coloring supplies, or a graphic design tablet. Whichever you choose, your artsy loved one will be delighted.

Wooden Signs

Yes, you read that right: wooden signs. For anyone looking to add some flair to their outdoor garden or flower bed, consider a wooden sign. These make great holiday gift ideas and they come in different styles and sizes. A wooden sign will highlight your loved one’s passion for everyone to see.

Gardening Tools

This is an ideal gift for anyone who has a penchant for planting. Whether it’s for an indoor herb garden or outdoor flower bed, gardening tools are the perfect presents. You can also help a new gardener earn their green thumb and gift them their beginning gardener kit. In this, you can include a gardening book, seeds, plants, tools, gloves, a watering pot, and weeding tools. These ideas are great for helping any experienced or new gardening enthusiast.

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