4 Wonderful Ways to Boost Yields in Your Garden

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Springtime is the perfect time to delve into some yard work. We have to pull the weeds, pick up branches, and get our gardens in order. This year, try something a little different with your gardening technique. With these wonderful ways to boost yields in your garden, you’ll have flowers, veggies, and fruits in no time. Check it out!

Improve the Soil

The soil you plant your seeds in plays a big role in their growth success. If you plant seedlings in dry, dead dirt, then you won’t get your desired results. Composting helps put essential nutrients back into the ground, but you can also get some additional help by mixing up a nutrient solution and using that to feed your seeds. The fertilizer you choose leads to healthier soil, which leads to healthier roots and plants.

Look into Companion Planting

Some plants grow best alongside other plants. When they’re planted together, these plants can help increase overall productivity. For example, weeds can end up smothering the growth of slower crops. But when you plant lettuce between rows of carrots or onions, the lettuce smothers the weeds and allows the slower crops to establish. You can research suitable partners for your chosen crop and make the most of companion planting.

Stretch Out the Growing Season

If you want to grow multiple crops in your garden, then you need to stretch the season. Most people start this by growing seedlings in the house before the start of spring and then transplanting the seedlings to the garden. You don’t need to do this with every crop but doing this with a few will give you time to start on other crops.

In a similar sense, choosing plants that thrive will also help broaden your growing season. Growing what thrives in your soil and climate will result in stronger growth and a better harvest for you.

Utilize the Vertical Space

If you can, try to fix vertical trellises and poles on the sides of your garden. This will help you train vines to move upward rather than spreading out along your garden bed. Better yet, it helps save you space so that you can plant more and have a greater chance of success. When you utilize all the space in your garden by using vertical space and planning out the garden before you dig, you’ll greatly increase your garden’s yields.

Try planting some of our Bloomin’ seed paper and see what magic you can grow in your garden with us!

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