Fresh Blooms: Important Tips for New Gardeners

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Have you caught the gardening bug? If so, then you’re about to enjoy a very fulfilling and valuable hobby. Like anything else, there’s a right way and a wrong way to get started. If you want to become an expert gardener, then you need to master the basics first. We want you to succeed in growing your first plants, so here are some important tips for new gardeners.

Do Your Growing Research

One of the hardest things for new gardeners to get right is the timing. Getting the timing right is critical for growing healthy plants. Each plant will have a different bloom time. The region that you’re in also plays a part in when you should plant. Here are a few tips for nailing the timing:

  • Know which plants you intend to grow first.
  • Check out a growing calendar for your area to know when to plant.
  • Learn the average first and last frost dates in your region.

Keep It Simple at First

A lot of beginner gardeners tend to bite off more than they can chew. Remember, while you may want to grow a mile-long, bustling garden, you’re still new to gardening. That’s why starting small is a great idea. Try starting with a simple raised garden bed with a few plants.

By starting simple, you’ll get to know the needs of your plants. You’ll also get familiar with the climate in your area. You could even start with some seed paper sheets to keep it light and simple!

Scout for the Sunniest Areas

Your plants will need a lot of sunlight to thrive. Most plants need at least six hours of sunshine each day. That’s why you need to find the perfect spot that gets the most sun. Make sure there are no significant obstructions, such as trees or houses, in the way. Also, try and view your selected spot during each time of the day to make sure it gets consistent sun.

Set Up a Watering System

Plants need water to survive. As a result, you need a quality irrigation system to provide your plants with a steady water supply. Your irrigation system needs to stay in pristine working condition. If you spot signs of a faulty irrigation system, you’ll have to seek repairs. Any leaks? Get them sorted as soon as possible so that you’re not wasting any water.

Your Soil Is Everything

You should know that there’s a big difference between dirt and soil. A seasoned gardener can instantly spot the difference. Soil is dark black and rich in nutrients, and it usually has worms. You can perform a home soil test to check the potency of your soil. You can also fertilize the ground to improve the quality of the soil. If you don’t have rich, robust soil in which to grow your plants, you won’t find success as a gardener.
There you have it—some important tips for new gardeners. Follow this guide, and you’ll have a vibrant garden growing before you know it. Don’t give up!

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